New Farms for New Americans 

An important part of the AALV's workforce development program is the New Farms for New Americans initiative, a gardening and agricultural program created to provide refugees and immigrants with the experience and resources needed to produce their own food and food for others through three levels of participation: Access to community gardens and gardening resources, education about farming for a profit in the U.S. and participation in social enterprise sales and launching an independent farm business.

NFNA participants bring a great wealth of agricultural experience from their homelands, and they are eager to learn, to adapt and to continue cultivating organic food in Vermont.

AALV supports this endeavor through the NFNA program, by connecting participants to land, marketing opportunities, training and technical assistance. Not only are the NFNA particpants maintaining their argriculture-focused culture here in Vermont, they are also working toward self-sufficiency and earning supplemental income by selling their products.

The program serves over 90 households from Africa and Asia. The New Farms for New Americans program and its participants are contributing significantly to sustaining healthy people and a working landscape in Vermont for years to come. Contact the AALV for volunteer opportunities.

Find NFNA Produce at:

Healthy Living

City Market

Bluebird Tavern

American Flatbread

Stone Soup


Ice House

UVM Cat Pause Café


New North End Farmers Market

Old North End Farmers Market

Thursdays at the Interval

Winooski Farmers Market

UVM Farmers Market

O’Brian Comm. Center Farm 

King Street Center Farm Stand 

NFNA CSA program

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Sponsor a gardener by providing:

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CSA Info and Registration Form

West African and Bhutanese CSA Info


Press and Videos:

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From Garden to Restaurant via International Effort

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Cultivating Relationships

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NFNA Sponsors: Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Red Wagon Plants, Healthy Living, City Market, Growald Foundation, Powell Family Foundation

NFNA Partners: The Intervale Center, the USDA Vermont Farm Service Agency, Vermont Adult Learning and Opportunities Credit Union and many other community supporters.

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