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New Farms for New Americans 

A community-based gardening and agriculture program for refugees and immigrants


8,000 refugees have settled in Vermont over the past 30 years

Many of them come with a lifelong experience of farming, but once here many do not have easy access to land and resources to continue their agrarian traditions. Most importantly, without New Farms for New Americans families would not be able to grow large quantities of fresh vegetables for their families, grow culturally significant crops or address food and financial security.

About NFNA

Our Mission

NFNA provides education and training for farmers who are new to the U.S. and may be unaccustomed to Vermont's climate. With long agrarian traditions including organic practices, food preservation, and seed saving, NFNA's farmers have so much to teach and share with the Vermont agricultural community.

Learn from the farmers, with our cookbook

We published a short book on African and Asian techniques on growing, harvesting and preserving in northeastern America. Download it here: "Global Food, Local Food: Guide to Growing, Harvesting & Preserving African & Asian Crops in the Northeast" 

Provide Gardening Supplies

We are in need of two main items this year:

Support NFNA Farmers

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