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New Americans find Independence

​​The AALV helps new Americans from all parts of the world gain independence in their new communities through a range of integration services, including bridging case management, workforce development, behavioral health awareness, and interpreter services programming. With support from our multicultural, multilingual staff, our clients are able to smoothly transition to living and working in Vermont.

​Our Mission: ​​To promote the equal opportunity, dignity, and self-sufficiency of refugee and immigrant individuals and families in Vermont, regardless of race, ethnic group, religious or political affiliation, or sexual orientation.

History: The AALV was founded more than seven years ago as a way for the small African community at that time to get together for social events as well as to discuss the challenges of being in America. Over time, AALV has steadily grown into a small social services agency with full-time staff. In 2009, AALV made a decision to not only serve Africans, but to provide services to all refugees in Vermont including Bhutanese, Burmese, Iraqis, and others. AALV is proud to be able to extend its experience in mutual assistance to newly arrived refugee groups.

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