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Interpreter and Translation Services

AALV provides you with compelling reasons to select us over the competition. We retain the highest level of integrity with our valued customers. Here's what sets us apart from the crowd:


Our trained interpreters and translators represent the diversity in our region. What's more, we understand our community's needs. We work with most direct-service providers including healthcare facilities, courts, and social services organizations.

Turnaround time varies with each request. Whenever possible, please allow at least 3 days for interpreter requests and at least 7 days for translations.

We currently offer these interpreter languages:

  • Amharic 

  • Arabic

  • Bosnian

  • Burmese

  • Cantonese

  • Creole

  • Dari

  • Dinka

  • French 

  • Hindi

  • Italian

  • Kibembe

  • Kirundi

Contact us at to learn more.

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  • Kiswahili (Swahili)

  • Lingala

  • Mandarin

  • Nepali

  • Pashto

  • Russian

  • Somali

  • Spanish

  • Tibetan

  • Urdu 

  • Vietnamese​

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