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Outreach Assistance & Cultural Competency 

Do you need assistance with outreach to the New American community? ​

If you have a New American client who needs to understand the types of services that you provide or how to access/utilize them effectively, AALV staff can assist you.  We are a point of information dissemination in the refugee and immigrant community. Send us your materials, explain your organization to us and we can hire outreach workers and cultural liaisons in the community to call clients and disseminate information. Simply fill out an interpreter request form and explain that you need assistance with outreach.


Do you need assistance with cultural competency training for your staff on working with new cultures and refugees?


AALV staff can provide general information on culture and perspective, or we’d be happy to explore specific programs and processes in partnership with you. We typically conduct these sessions in teams of four – a staff member, a board member, and two community members.

Are you interested in partnering with AALV to provide workshops and/or classes?


These are great opportunities to showcase your services for the new American community while diversifying your client base. Please speak with Yacouba Jacob Bogre, our Executive Director, to establish a culturally-effective curriculum and plan site logistics.  


​​Jobs/Internships/Volunteer Opportunities ​

No position is currently available. Please check back soon.

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